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The most innovative medium-sized businesses.  

Taplabel the join project of TopLabel GmbH und Co. KG and Tuomi S.A. is part of the Top 100 innovation. The TOP 100 seal of approval is awarded annually to the most innovative SMEs throughout the whole of Germany. The companies recognised are the fastest growing firms in the country. 50 per cent of the TOP 100 firms were market leaders in Germany and almost one in five of them were world market leaders in their sector.

The „Top 100" project is coordinated by Dr Nikolaus Franke, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University and  Ranga Yogeshwar the mentor of the „Top 100" innovation project. 

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What is TAPLABEL® ?


TAPLABEL® is a label with an integrated NFC chip for product verification, tracking and information, read with easy-to-use apps.


Tap to verify product authenticity – for consumers, manufacturers, customs …


Capture sales information and product usage in real time. Stock rotation, re-import control, batch tracing (recall) are quicker and easier.


Provide multimedia user instructions, FAQs, how-to tips, ingredient lists, allergen details and more. Content can be managed dynamically, in line with customer behaviour and product usage


What is NFC?


NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is a form of short-range wireless data transfer which complements Bluetooth and WiFi. Soon, NFC technology will link not only smartphones, laptops and tablets, but also other familiar everyday equipment – TVs, speakers, fridges, blood pressure monitors and others – in the 'internet of things'. 

NFC enables process simplification and control. In-depth experience gained across a wide range of industrial, commercial and cultural projects means that TUOMI can apply NFC technology to optimum effect. NFC is already in action in time recording, site and asset security, museums, protection against  piracy and counterfeiting and more. 

With over 5 years experience in the NFC field, working for industry leaders worldwide and implementing many successful projects, TUOMI’s expertise and extensive repertoire of pre-programmed modules ensures rapid application development for your project.

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